Asset Management

Infrastructure Asset Management is about the ability to monitor, maintain and sustain existing assets while investing in new infrastructure to meet growth.

The considerable infrastructure gap in the utility sectors must be addressed to sustain high rates of economic growth. We support our clients with various strategies to prioritise their projects while managing the risk to their utility business.

The benefits are faster decision making on how and where to spend utility resources (better decisions and compelling business cases), work process efficiencies as a result of improved documentation and organised information sources (improved execution), better risk management through an increased awareness of the risks facing a utility, increased employee engagement and satisfaction (higher productivity).

The focus is on continuous improvement and development.


> Process Mapping and Asset Documentation Services

> Asset Investment planning and management (AIPM)

> Asset condition assessment and monitoring

> Asset value management

> Enterprise Infrastructure asset management systems, training and use

> Lifecycle modelling, assessment and costing

> Process optimization and safety

> ISO 55000 Certification