Our Team

Godfrey Isaac Sengendo

Godfrey Isaac Sengendo is a Water Resources Manager with over 13 years of experience in transboundary water resources management and engineering. He holds an MSc in Water Resources Engineering from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KULeuven) and Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB). His areas of expertise are; irrigation, hydropower and water supply infrastructure development, environment and climate change; procurement and project management.

He has a very good understanding of national and international water related issues (including policies, strategies, regulations and relevant institutions), challenges and opportunities, and has contributed to development solutions at a national and regional scale.

He enjoys a professional career that has systematically grown in diversity, complexity and responsibility, from Government, consultancy and in an international river basin organisation (NBI). He has led and directed multidisciplinary teams in project identification, procurement, design, implementation supervision, monitoring and evaluation of various projects.

He is conversant in areas of dam development, sustainable land management, transboundary multi-sectoral and knowledge-based river basin planning, institutional strengthening and capacity building, environmental and social impact assessments.

Allan Nkurunziza

Allan Nkurunziza is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 14 years’ experience in the provision of Water utility infrastructure design, consulting and advisory services in the public and private sectors. Allan’s experience covers engineering studies, development of masterplans, planning and implementation of Water supply and Sanitation infrastructure projects.

Experience also covers regulation and asset management to include development of asset management policies and strategies, asset condition and performance monitoring, strategic planning and business plan development.

Allan holds an MSc in Water and Environmental Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK and a certificate in project management.

Evaline Chakagondua

Evaline Chakagondua has over 10 years of experience in working with communities, coordinating community development projects using participatory methodologies to bring about positive change. She has been involved in strategic planning, baseline surveys as well as monitoring and evaluation of project activities to ensure quality services.

She has a passion for changing communities. She holds a master’s degree in community development from Makerere University in Kampala.

Hans Hartung

Hans Hartung is a known water expert in international development with more than 30 years of experience. He has a strong theoretical and practical background in water supply, sanitation, wastewater pumping and the related water and wastewater networks. Through his experience in the developing world, he has come to realise the importance of a comprehensive approach to and responsible management of our water resources.

He can draw from a much-diversified experience in industry as well as with NGOs, in rural as well as urban environments, in humanitarian as well as development aid, in designing and planning as well as training, in developing as well as industrialised countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. He has planned, accompanied and evaluated many projects in conventional water supply and sanitation and pioneered unconventional systems such as rainwater harvesting and ecological sanitation. He has been the vice-president of the International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association for 6 years.

His background in systemic counselling and coaching leads him to a solution-oriented approach. He is expert in qualitative evaluation methods (like MAPP, gender analysis, etc.), emphasises participative methods and is familiar with quantitative methods as well. Result-oriented project management, M & E, log frame and indicator based reporting is part of his work in evaluation and consulting.

Conceptualising capacity development measures, such as face-to-face as well as online trainings is one of his key competences. He has been the responsible consultant In various InWEnt and GIZ programmes for the MENA, East and Southern Africa regions, cooperating with state and non-state development organisations. Many water related managers and engineers of the region have gone through face-to-face and e-learning courses tutored by him.

Anne Namakula Serunjogi

Anne Namakula Serunjogi has a holistic understanding of stakeholder engagement and prioritization in decision making for execution of programmes. Her passion is sustainable development from an environment perspective. She sees the environment as a vital resource that supports all forms of life and at the same time provides a sink of waste; a clean environment is a basic human right that compliments the objectives of provision of services to a community. Anne has a wealth of experience in coordinating multi-stakeholder interventions. She loves engaging with experts to identify trends that enhance or have a strong bearing on Utility Issues and Business.

Anne enjoys steering activities. She has vast experience in Operations and Maintenance of Water Supply Systems. She is a Civil Engineer with an Msc. in Environmental Sanitation from Ghent University. She is an ardent communicator and has an edge for business development. She also has a passion for mentoring and advocating for change among organisations and individuals.

Daniel Opwonya

Daniel is a qualified engineer with over 11 years professional experience in conceptualizing, designing and implementing multi-disciplinary projects in public and private sectors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from Makerere University and a Masters in Hydro Science and Engineering from Technical University of Dresden (TUD) –Germany. The skills and competences to achieve results are derived from applying personal, engineering and management principles acquired from his BSc. and MSc. Engineering degrees, iterative learning and various postgraduate leadership and management certificates. Daniel has spent most of his professional work on projects related to the water, environment and natural resources sectors with the overarching goal for building resilience, improving livelihoods and offering sustainable development.

For 8 years, Daniel worked with GIZ as a Senior Technical Advisor supporting strengthening institutional and organizational competences of the Directorate of Water Resources Management of Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) and Uganda National Meteorological Authority to execute their mandates within the framework of adaptation to climate change impacts. Specifics include: technical advisory and advocacy services, stakeholder and resources mobilization, policy analysis, strategy implementation, project management, networking, monitoring, reporting and verification of results. Daniel’s postgraduate trainings include: Integrated Flood Risk Management, Commission Management, PRINCE2-Project Management and Programme on Negotiations-from Harvard.

Brenda Basaalwa Sengendo

Brenda Basaalwa Sengendo is a Graduate Civil and Water Resources Engineer with more than 11 years’ experience in planning, design and construction supervision of water supply systems; with proven skills in project and contract management, general program co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation.

She has vast experience in water resources studies, hydrological, hydrodynamic and groundwater modelling, GIS & remote sensing. She has worked on various water development projects in the region.

Brenda holds a Masters’ degree in Water Resources Engineering from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, with additional post graduate qualification in environmental management, hydropower development and climate change impact analysis.

Winifred Nabakiibi

Winifred Nabakiibi is a Civil Engineer by training. She has a master’s degree in Water Management with a specialisation in Water Services Management from UNESCO-IHE (Netherlands – Delft). She is also a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®).

6) Winifred worked in Development Cooperation for over 6 years as an advisor on Water Utility Services. Before that she worked with the Government of Uganda’s Ministry of Water and Environment. She has engaged in various reform initiatives interfacing with government, private sector, the public and various interest groups. The reforms were geared towards ensuring efficient and sustainable water and sanitation services delivery as well as strengthening of regulation. She has been engaged in establishing frameworks for measuring utility performance, designing of performance and management contracts, tariff/rate structure design and organisational development processes to foster good regulatory practice and successful Private Sector Participation.

Winifred invests a lot of her time in understanding the functioning of regulatory institutions and Asset Management Concepts.