Anne Namakula Serunjogi

Personal Information

  • Name : Anne Namakula Serunjogi
  • Job : Senior Analyst
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About Me

Anne Namakula Serunjogi has a holistic understanding of stakeholder engagement and prioritization in decision making for execution of programmes. Her passion is sustainable development from an environment perspective. She sees the environment as a vital resource that supports all forms of life and at the same time provides a sink of waste; a clean environment is a basic human right that compliments the objectives of provision of services to a community. Anne has a wealth of experience in coordinating multi-stakeholder interventions. She loves engaging with experts to identify trends that enhance or have a strong bearing on Utility Issues and Business.

Anne enjoys steering activities. She has vast experience in Operations and Maintenance of Water Supply Systems. She is a Civil Engineer with an Msc. in Environmental Sanitation from Ghent University. She is an ardent communicator and has an edge for business development. She also has a passion for mentoring and advocating for change among organisations and individuals.